Take advantage of Facebook Live Now!

Facebook Live is a wonderful chance to show your knowledge and increase the number of fans, followers and customer base. Because now Facebook Live is very powerful in terms of video, and to get organic coverage higher than other kinds of content, you need to prepare the plan ahead. Immediately add Live to your marketing plan once you have access. While waiting for Facebook Live to be maximally accessible for all of its users in Indonesia, you should start thinking as a subject matter expert to create great videos so you will be able to take advantage of every opportunity. Visit our website to buy facebook live views.

The Facebook live video started as a feature available for celebrities and public figures only in the Facebook Mention app. But when other platforms like Periscope, Snapchat, and Blab are starting to not limit, Facebook decides they will also like it. So Facebook begin to allow people to spread live video via the Facebook app. Next, they moved one step further and began to let the live video broadcast pages.

Now, a Facebook live video has moved further and opened the door to broadcast live videos from your profile to your group and Page event. And that’s just the beginning. The page owner begins to see the insight of live video broadcasts and posts that contain replays (replays) of live video. Facebook also plans to add filters like Snapchat and editing tools so you can be more creative with your videos. The following images are from Facebook media assets.

They also plan to make live videos easier to find. They will do this with an update for the Facebook app that will displace the messenger button with the video discovery button. Desktop users can already start finding live video broadcasts using the live map feature. Keep in mind, this broadcast is not always safe. If you are a group or admin event, you should keep an eye on the broadcast live video that appears in the group and on your event page. Depending on who you have as a member, you may want to consider turning on the option to have post admin approval before it goes live. This will prevent anything uncertain from appearing in your community.

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