Use These Three Ways To Get Rid Of The Narrow Bedroom

As part of the house that needs to be noticed, the bedroom should also have the right paint color in order to make you comfortable. The process of painting you will be more optimal if you use interior painting woodstock. The right paint color can make you feel comfortable with the bedroom.

However, if your bedroom is narrow, then some of these things you can try.

1. Store clothes on the wall
Creating a clothing storage house inside the wall is the right way as this can give you more room for the floor in your bedroom.

2. Use curtains in different places
Curtains are not only useful for closing the bedroom window but can also be used to give a unique effect on the bookshelves in your room. The curtains can be closed back if you do not want to show the bookshelves.

3. Hang the jewelry behind the mirror
Place your jewelry collection by hanging it right behind the mirror. Just by pulling the mirror, you immediately see and can wear the jewelry that you hang it.