Make Sure You Have a Swimming Pool Pump

In choosing a swimming pool pump, do not forget to consider the specifications owned by the pump, especially on the electrical power required. For a relatively small home-based pond choose a pump with reduced power. Usually, this type of pump has a relatively small power, which is 750 watts. Also, avoid the use of high power pool pumps and are too strong because they can inhibit the filtration process so that the filtering process is not maximal. In addition, pumps that are too strong can cause damage to the pool filters and heaters that we have. Visit our website now and you can find the Best Pool Pump for Above Ground pool.

In choosing a swimming pool pump, you should also consider its size. The pump used should be the size. The size is too small will result in a slow circulation process so that the dirt pond will also settle at the bottom of the pond. In addition, this pump will take a long time to filter all the dirt. Using the pump for a long time causes the pump to consume a lot of electrical power. However, if the pump size is too large, the pump can erode the pipe. Not only erode it, even this pump can cause the pipe to break and can damage the inlet fitting swimming pool. Worse, pumps that are too large can also damage the vacuum nose, other installations, as well as the pump itself.

The main function of the pump is the circulation of water. Draw water from the pool to be cleaned in the filter then restored again. Dirty water is processed in such a way that it becomes clean. Large dirt like leaves in filtered in skimmer pool, smaller dirt like aquatic animals stop at pump skimmer. Dust and other small impurities filtered in the pool filter. Finally, water is sterilized from fungi and bacteria by adding chlorine. If you do not have a pump, then your pool will be dirty, smelly, mossy and full of bacteria and fungi. The pump is the heart of the pool, your dead pool life is hanging from it.

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