Identify two types of lighting that you often do in photos

Photography is one of the fun things you can do while also giving money to you who have done it professionally. The thing that you are interested in photography is about lighting. The adequate light will make your photo more lifelike and can give a good impression. You can buy Canon flash to get the right lighting for the photo you are going to do.

There are several types of lighting that you can do for various photos that you will do. Some of the types in question are

1. Overexposure
This is a kind of excessive lighting. This often happens if the diaphragm and shutter speed settings do not match, so it will produce photos that are too bright and even the objects in the photo cannot be seen.

2. Under exposure
This type of lighting can make the photo you produce to be too dark. This is because the pause of the metering aperture and shutter speed needle is in the minus area. This will cause the object you are catching to be not visible because it is dark.

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