Here are some Secret Places You Can Create For Your Respectful Goods

Every good in your house must be guarded because it will be harmful if the goods lost. However, usually, you will feel confused where to save it. Because thieves can just find it wherever you hide it. If your home has a crime or theft, then you can get a perfect cleaning process on this link. Because the perfect cleaning will soon be needed.

However, what you need to pay attention to is that there are some places that the thieves usually never touch because they assume that the place does not have anything of value. Some places in question are

1. Behind the family photo frames
You can create a secret space behind the family photo frame. You can save your valuables there. Who would have thought if you and your family would have saved so much money or other merchandise in there? Thieves will never think to look for it in there because it assumes that there is no space in there.

2. In dolls
Do you have a bill that is not used anymore but still in good shape? You can turn it into a secret place to fool thieves. Insert the jar into the knot of the mule but remember not to sound, the base for the jar should be given cloth to be not caught by the thief who accidentally will holding it.

3. Store inside the stairs
There may already be many people who apply this way. Of course, the step you should take is to create a drawer on the ladder. this will be a secret room for you to hide the various valuables you have at home.

4. A secret place inside the floor
You also make a secret place on the floor. If you do not want to make a space that is too big like a bunker, make a storage hole under 30×30 ceramic you can also do.

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