Enjoying your first time in London

Almost the museum in London is free to visit. It would be a pity if you were in London and skip this free spot. Take a leisurely stroll and learn the history of the world for free again! Do not forget to visit also a place of free tourist is in London topmost you can visit. Aside from that, you may come to Trinity college Glasgow to take the English exam for your visa application to visit the UK.

Roads around South Bank

South Bank is a tourist and local favorite place to hang out and walk. It is on the banks of the Thames and closes to the London Eye. South Bank is never quiet because there is so much we can do around here.

Like the venues of various art shows, entertainment for children, cinemas, museums, used-book markets, green pastures just behind the London Eye and more. Or just want a leisurely stroll along the banks of the Thames and see the town of Westminster from across the Thames like Big Ben and the Westminster Palace.

Come out of London

If you have more time in London, get out of London by train or bus and visit the nearby city of London. As to Oxford, Cambridge is famous for its university.

Or the city of Salisbury that there are wonders of the English world is Stonehenge famous for its big rock full of mystery. Or to the old town of Bath, you can go to this ancient city with many popular tourist spots around this beautiful city.

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