Consumption of Various Healthy Menu It After Workout

The workout you always do will certainly produce maximum results if you add supplements and various nutritious foods. For supplements, you can get them at . whereas, for the menu, you can consume is

– Yogurt fruit and nuts
Combine yogurt, berries, bananas, or kiwi and add almonds. This food menu can meet the needs of carbohydrates and protein lost during exercise. In fact, eating only bananas already help you meet the needs of carbohydrates.

– Cereal milk and nuts
Combine milk, your favorite cereal, and almonds. Without spending time, you can meet the needs of carbohydrates and protein lost after exercise.

– Fruit salad
Mixed pieces of kiwi fruit and pineapple can be made easily. In addition to rich in vitamins, these fruits are easily digested and help break down amino acids and prevent the inflammation that occurs in muscles. You can also add fruits that contain lots of water to keep the body hydrated, such as watermelon.

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