Common Storage Service Advantages

When it comes to the needs of using 自存倉, you may wonder to hire the one that could provide you the number of benefits, right? In general, choosing the right store service provider gives you the chance to enjoy such these benefits:

1. Access controlled entry

Those who rent the storage units are called as the tenants. They will receive a unique entry tag which becomes their personal key to entry the premise. You can consider the facility, where our entry and exit times are electronically recorded for the future reference.

2. No need to pay more when in the need of extra space

Generally, inspection and look at around will complete your selection since it can help you choose the right sized unit that fits your need. If you already hire the facility but still need extra space, the chance is you must find out more storage unit to store the rest of your item. Ask the manager whether they offer transfer service when the space of your selected unit is too small.

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