Do Not Compromise Your Safety! Get these Parts Replaced

Some of your car issues can be delayed while others cannot. A cracked windscreen, failing brakes, leakage, slow puncture or other tire damage and burnt bulbs are just some of the car issues that cannot wait. No matter where you are there will always be a spare parts shop nearby. We recommend Pick and Payless Blacktown if that is within your reach.

Regardless of how busy you are; these are some of the things that should not be put on hold otherwise you will be compromising your safety.

·         Tire Issues

The tires are some of the most vital components of your car. Whether it’s a slow puncture or a tire burst, this is something that should not be delayed. Unroadworthy tires lead to serious accidents which could lead to death, thus you should have it fixed right away.

·         Faulty Brakes

Brakes are one part of the car that cannot be ignored. If you notice that the brakes are not functioning as they should, get them checked and repaired if necessary. Faulty brakes cause so many accidents across the globe and you do not want to experience the same. Whether they are damaged or faulty, have a mechanic diagnose the problem and fix it.

·         Broken Tail Lights

Broken tail lights should not be ignored. They are important at night and although you may not see the need to have them repaired, it’s advisable that this is done as soon as possible. Besides being necessary, you might find yourself in trouble with the authorities for having dysfunctional tail lights.

·         Electrical Components Failing

When electrical components start to fail, you know that you could be in trouble at any time. If the windshield wipers or the power windows tend not to respond to commands, they should not wait further. Have them repaired by an expert as soon as possible.

·         A Broken Windscreen

Driving with a broken windscreen is one of the ways that you risk your life on the road. You not only risk your life but also that of other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. It is worse when the damage obstructs your vision, its dark and rain. This is also illegal and thus it should be repaired immediately.

Your car should be examined by an expert regularly and when a problem is identified, it should be fixed immediately. Car brakes, tire issues, starter problems, and windscreen damage are just some of the car issues that should not wait. Not having them fixed as soon as possible will compromise your safety and other drivers on the road.

What Causes Dry Rot Tires

Recreational vehicles have tires just like any other car. One of the most common issues with their tires is that they experience dry rot. This happens when the oils and the chemicals that keep a tire together starts to evaporate. When this happens, the only solution is to have the tires replaced.

What Causes Dry Rot in Tires and Prevention

There are various scenarios that will lead to dry rot tires especially in vehicles that are not used regularly. With this comes various ways that the same can be minimized.

Low Inflation Pressure

When inflating tires, it’s important that the right amount of pressure is maintained. Low tire pressure leads to wear and tear. This can be proven when you have a flat tire and you drive the vehicle. The tire gets worn out fast and this is a huge risk as well as a safety hazard. On the manufacturer’s manual, you get guidelines on the ideal tire pressure to be maintained. This is what should be adhered to. Experts recommend that the pressure should be checked after every fortnight.

Lack of Use

Recreation vehicles are not used on a daily basis. They are rarely used and this inactivity leads to dry rot. When the vehicle just sits there and it’s only used several times a year, there are high chances that they will have tire issues. They should be driven regularly even if it is for a short distance.

Excessive heat

Tires are made of rubber which is a poor conductor of heat. They need to be stored away from heat. With this said, when the vehicle is parked near or direct to excessive heat, the tires will start experiencing dry rot. This is because the heat seems to such the oil which helps in keeping the rubber together. When the sun is hot, the rubber making the tires start to degrade faster than during the cold seasons. You can opt for tire and wheel covers to reduce the effects of heat.

If you own a vehicle that is rarely driven, you are highly likely to have dry rot tires which are not a good thing. You will be forced to replace the tires sooner than you thought. It’s important that the vehicle is driven regularly regardless of the distance, it should be parked away from excessive heat and the right tire pressure should be maintained.

Reasons to Consider a Used ATV

In the last decade, the popularity of ATV has grown significantly. This is a vehicle that is perfect for all-terrains and this is one reason it has become popular. Although buying a new vehicle is always considered the best option, there are reasons you should purchase an all-terrain vehicle (ATV).

·         They are Affordable

Purchasing a new ATV can be quite expensive especially when you are on a budget. This simply means that purchasing a second-hand one will be more affordable. Once the vehicle hits the road and it’s utilized for at least two years, it depreciates in value and this is the reason you get it at a cheaper price. Even when the value depreciates, you will still find a vehicle in good condition.

·         They are Widely Available

Due to the fact that ATVs have become popular in the last one decade, you will find them readily available. There are car owners who do not want to have the same car for years as they find it easy to maintain a new one. Despite being readily available, ensure that you do a thorough research and you buy a vehicle that is in good condition.

ATVs Benefits

·         All-terrain vehicles have plenty of benefits and this is another reason they are highly preferred.

·         They have more stability making them safe. In spite of this, driving responsibly is crucial

·         They handle all terrains with ease whether it’s a smooth or rough road

·         They are flexible regardless of where you want to go

What to Look Out For in an Old ATV

Just like any other type of vehicle, you should be careful when purchasing a used ATV. You do not want to have issues later just because it was more affordable than buying a new one.

·         Check for wear and tear because they are always prone to this. Ensure that it is in good condition and this is the reason you should get one from a reputable ATV dealer

·         Check if it has the necessary documents. You cannot buy any car if it does not have the relevant documents. The documents should prove the seller is the owner of the vehicle

By purchasing a used ATV, you know that you will be saving money. This is true but then again you have to make sure that you are buying it from a reputable dealer. Such dealers ensure that they fix any issues beforehand so that you can get an ATV without issues as this would cost you more money.

All you need to Know about Your Car Battery

A car battery is one of the most important parts of your vehicle thus it should be in perfect condition. When it does not function properly, that means you will not be able to drive the car or you will have issues every time you start it. There are issues that you should be on the lookout for to ensure that you do not experience car problems.

When to Replace Your Battery

Your battery may get weak over time and this means that it should be replaced. Once you know what to look out for, you will be able to tell when to replace the battery before the issue becomes overwhelming.

The starter motor does not turn: –You start the car but the starter motor either does not turn or it does so slowly. This is common in the morning and you will need another car to jump start it for you. The problem is caused by a low current.

Bulging Signs: – The battery should not be swollen at any point.  The bulging can be caused by overcharging or when the battery has an internal short circuit.

Dim lights: – If you notice that the lights seem to be a bit dim when the car is running, the battery has issues. It is best to get it replaced rather than wait for it to be a major problem.

Taking care of Your Car Battery

As the car owner, it’s important that you learn basic battery maintenance. This will help you avoid the most common issues with car batteries.

·     Control the corrosion: – As the battery ages, you may experience corrosion on its terminals. Corrosion build-up should be removed and it’s advisable that you get corrosion prevention spray.

·         Turn off the headlights: – When you leave the headlights or the radio on when the car is idling, you are highly likely to experience battery issues. For this reason, you should always turn off the lights and stereo when the car is parked.

·         Get the battery tested: – When you get the battery tested regularly, you will be sure of its condition. You will know when it has issues and when it’s time to get it replace.

Considering that the car battery is an important part of the vehicle, you should take good care of it and learn how to prevent basic issues. By keeping the terminals clean and turning off the headlights, you will be playing your part in preventing common issues.