All you need to Know about Your Car Battery

A car battery is one of the most important parts of your vehicle thus it should be in perfect condition. When it does not function properly, that means you will not be able to drive the car or you will have issues every time you start it. There are issues that you should be on the lookout for to ensure that you do not experience car problems.

When to Replace Your Battery

Your battery may get weak over time and this means that it should be replaced. Once you know what to look out for, you will be able to tell when to replace the battery before the issue becomes overwhelming.

The starter motor does not turn: –You start the car but the starter motor either does not turn or it does so slowly. This is common in the morning and you will need another car to jump start it for you. The problem is caused by a low current.

Bulging Signs: – The battery should not be swollen at any point.  The bulging can be caused by overcharging or when the battery has an internal short circuit.

Dim lights: – If you notice that the lights seem to be a bit dim when the car is running, the battery has issues. It is best to get it replaced rather than wait for it to be a major problem.

Taking care of Your Car Battery

As the car owner, it’s important that you learn basic battery maintenance. This will help you avoid the most common issues with car batteries.

·     Control the corrosion: – As the battery ages, you may experience corrosion on its terminals. Corrosion build-up should be removed and it’s advisable that you get corrosion prevention spray.

·         Turn off the headlights: – When you leave the headlights or the radio on when the car is idling, you are highly likely to experience battery issues. For this reason, you should always turn off the lights and stereo when the car is parked.

·         Get the battery tested: – When you get the battery tested regularly, you will be sure of its condition. You will know when it has issues and when it’s time to get it replace.

Considering that the car battery is an important part of the vehicle, you should take good care of it and learn how to prevent basic issues. By keeping the terminals clean and turning off the headlights, you will be playing your part in preventing common issues.